Newsbreak 27: Lynda Thyer Extradition Moved, MHRA Corruption, GcMAF Cancer Cure Withheld

David Noakes and Neelu Berry discuss the current situation where Linda Thyer has been informed by their solicitor her extradition to France is delayed by 10 days while no extradition order exists, no proceedings or hearing has occurred, yet the Kent police have demanded she show at Heathrow to be extradited--which essentially is a kidnapping and abduction, notes Neelu, in the absence of any real court notification.

Further the latest is that railway tickets have been sent to Linda by Kent police, despite the 10-day extension notice from the solicitor. The whole situation reeks of fraud and a simultaneous striving to shore up the wrongful prosecution by police recognizing this sudden French demand for extradition and prosecution by a corrupt French judge, while ripple effects from a recent Common Law court decision that the prosecution and extradition to France was wrongful and not to be kept may be behind the 10-day extension alerted by the solicitor.

The real story and the larger concern here is GcMAF itself, the body's natural cure for cancer, misrepresented as a blood product and unlicensed wonder drug by corrupt and negligent mainstream media including the BBC whose reportage has been handed to them by the uninformed and unqualified MHRA, David Noakes notes, given that they do not comprise biomedically qualified professionals but non-medically and nonscientifically qualified staff who know nothing abut GcMAF.

GcMAF could be a gift to humanity if we demand it be made so immediately; David asks that all write one letter to a newspaper and one to your MP, informing them of GcMAF and asking this wrongful prosecution to be stopped.

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